Attorney Jason A. McGrath Named Chairperson of the City of Charlotte’s Civil Service Board

Attorney Jason A McGrath Named Chairperson of the City of Charlotte’s Civil Service Board

Jason A. McGrath, Esquire, of McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC, has been elected Chairperson of the City of Charlotte’s Civil Service Board. The Civil Service Board has certain authority over hiring, firing, promotion and discipline for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and Charlotte Fire Department. Mr. McGrath is honored to have been entrusted with this leadership position.

In addition to running the Civil Service Board’s monthly meetings, the Chairperson presides over administrative / quasi-judicial hearings, which can last several days. At these hearings (which involve other Board Members, an Assistant City Attorney, the City of Charlotte’s Clerk’s Office, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department or Charlotte Fire Department officials and members, and attorneys) Mr. McGrath is required to make evidentiary and legal rulings and handle other legal and procedural issues. Given his background as a both a criminal prosecutor who worked with law enforcement, and a civil trial lawyer, Mr. McGrath has relevant professional experiences which assist him in performing his duties for the City of Charlotte.

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