Rehabilitating the NFL Brand by a Lawyer & Panthers’ Fan

Rehabilitating the NFL Brand – by a Lawyer & Panthers’ Fan The NFL has gotten a lot of negative publicity recently regarding its handling of several incidents of violence committed by several high profile players. Although the NFL claims to have handled these instances of violence within their Personal Conduct Policy there were several “after-the-fact”… Read more »

Rating Bank of America’s Mortgage Loan Modification Performance

Rating Bank of America’s Performance Under the Federal Goverment’s Mortgage Loan Modification Program (HAMP) Click here to watch a 2 minute video summary: Bank of America’s HAMP Performance Bank of America’s performance in assisting distressed homeowners was ranked as one of the worst among large mortgage loan servicers, according to the Federal Government’s most recent report.… Read more »

US Government Claims Mortgage Loan Modification Success

US Government Claims Mortgage Loan Modification Success The Federal Government claims a remarkable increase in successfully modifying mortgage loans over the past 13 months. The July, 2011 U.S. Housing Scorecard includes the following information. Since HAMP began in April, 2009, 1,639,382 borrowers entered into trial modifications, with 763,071 (46.55%) having converted to permanent mortgage loan… Read more »

Is the Government Modifying Loans?

Federal Government Housing and Mortgage Scorecard for July, 2011: is the Government Modifying Loans? Periodically, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) works with the Department of Treasury to release a “Housing Scorecard” which is designed to summarize the most recent and relevant information available regarding the American housing and mortgage loan market. The… Read more »

MA Supreme Court Rules for Homeowners, not Banks, in Foreclosure Cases

A recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling on two separate cases may have a major impact on foreclosures throughout the United States. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that, because the banks which were moving for foreclosure did not submit proper evidence that they had the right to foreclose, they could not foreclose. (These banks were… Read more »

Below Ground Zero: Ship Hull Found Underneath Remains of World Trade Center

Earlier this week, archeologists working at Ground Zero - actually below Ground Zero - made a startling discovery. One of the archeologists, whose firm has been retained to observe construction at and underneath Ground Zero, spotted two large, curved pieces of wood sticking out of the muddy pit about 20 feet below ground level. What they uncovered was a 32 foot long wooden ship's hull, which may have belonged to a ship which last sailed in the 1700s. Read more »