Charlotte – Mecklenburg County, North Carolina: housing, foreclosures, jobs, and politics – are we better off now as compared to 2008?

Charlotte – Mecklenburg County, North Carolina: housing, foreclosures, jobs, and politics – are we better off now as compared to 2008?

RealtyTrac has published some very interesting data related to the current real estate market, foreclosures, and unemployment in Mecklenburg County.  This includes the cities of Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville, and Stallings.  RealtyTrac has various maps which show political data for each county (when available), as well as real estate, foreclosure, and unemployment statistics within that county.  The results for Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, are below. 

Presidential politics, 2008 vs. now.  In 2008, approximately 62% of Mecklenburg County voters who voted supported President Obama and cast their votes for him.  This is not surprising for a county in which registered Democrats increasingly outnumber Republicans.  It is considered a certainty that a majority of voters who cast ballots this November 6 in Mecklenburg County will do so in support of President Obama. 

Foreclosure “starts”, 2008 vs. now.  In 2008, approximately 139 properties in Mecklenburg County fell into a foreclosure status.  Of course, this would generally reflect that those properties began to become distressed in early 2008 or earlier.  While it may not come as a complete surprise, given what we have experienced the last few years, it is still shocking to see the numbers: the number of foreclosure starts in 2012 is approximately 5,268.  In other words, in 2012, more foreclosures have been started every ten days than were started in the entire year of 2008! Of course, a certain percentage of those homeowners who have fallen into foreclosure have since come to me for help. 

Average home sale price, 2008 vs. now.  In 2008, the average home sale price in Mecklenburg County was approximately $235,000.  This year it has been approximately $252,000. 

Percentage of residential real estate sales involving distressed properties, 2008 vs. now.  For purposes of this statistic, distressed sales are considered to be properties which are in some stage of foreclosure or are owned by the bank / mortgage loan lender.  In 2008, distressed sales represented 12.75% of all residential real estate sales in Mecklenburg County.  By comparison, in 2012, those types of sales represent 17.14% of the total residential real estate sales in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  This is an increase of 34.4%.

Unemployment rates in Mecklenburg County, 2008 vs. now. In 2008, the unemployment rate in Mecklenburg County was 7.3%.  Unfortunately, it is now 10%.  This is an increase of 37%.

Regardless of whom our next President is, we very much hope that the statistics contained herein look much better as we get further into the next Presidential term.

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