Mortgage Loan Delinquencies Increased 7.7% in Sept. 2012

Mortgage Loan Delinquencies Increased 7.7% in Sept. 2012

Although there is arguably a downward trend in mortgage loan delinquencies as compared to 2010, there was a 7.7% increase in September, 2012.  This data is supplied by Lender Processing Services, a company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Other mortgage and foreclosure rates and numbers, such as foreclosure starts, foreclosure sales, delinquency cures, and loan prepayments all decreased in September.  These decreases may be related to a longer term trend, or may be a simple result of September, 2012 having less than the usual numbers of business days.  Of course, the increase in delinquencies during a “short month” is disturbing.

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