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Real Estate Cases & Closings

Your real estate (also referred to as “real property”) is often the most valuable thing you own. Real estate matters can be quite complex, partly because the real estate “system” used in the United States is cumbersome in many ways. Our Real Estate Attorney services assist with various types of matters, and we collectively handle real estate matters such as those shown below.

Real Estate & Mortgage Loan Disputes  ■  Purchases & Sales (Closings)  ■  Construction & Contractor Issues

Real estate and mortgage loan disputes. Unfortunately, disputes relating to real estate deals and mortgage loans occur very regularly. There are often large amounts of money involved, and a great deal of stress for everyone involved (except, perhaps, the bank / lender / mortgage loan servicer). Disputes arising during real estate deals are controlled by contract law, statutory law, case law (previous court opinions), and sometimes other legal authority. This is also true for mortgage loan disputes. It’s usually a bad idea to try to handle such matters without an attorney assisting.

Purchases, sales, refinances, closings. Real estate attorneys perform the closings for your property. Closing attorneys must work closely with buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders to ensure a successful transaction. A closing attorney can help determine if title is clear to the property, which can help avoid any future disputes. A closing attorney also reviews the loan documents with the buyer. On the seller side, a closing attorney drafts the deed and other required documents for the sale to be completed. It is important to hire a closing attorney to assist you in the purchasing or selling of real estate.

Construction and contractor issues. Construction to improve your property adds value and creates a better living environment. However, construction can be fraught with legal issues. From the beginning, construction contracts with architects and contractors must be closely scrutinized and negotiated. During and after construction, the architects and contractors can have payment and work disputes with subcontractors, and the project can get behind schedule. If a contractor or subcontractor goes unpaid, the law sometimes allows them to file a lien against your property. After construction, defective workmanship and code violations sometimes become apparent. The law governing construction disputes is complex and oftentimes arcane. Having an attorney’s assistance from the beginning of the construction process can eliminate or minimize some of these headaches. And if a dispute arises during or after the construction process, you will need an attorney who has experience with construction laws to help solve your problems.

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