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Articles & News

In this video, business attorney Jason McGrath of McGrath & Spielberger PLLC discusses key points that should be considered when hiring a business lawyer for NC Corporations and other small business.Business Law Attorney Jason A. McGrath provides the following three tips to selecting the best business law attorney in Charlotte NC.Tip #1Do they have a great reputation with their clients and...... Read more

As most of my friends are getting married or are recently married (myself included), I frequently get asked why anyone would want a prenuptial agreement. Prenups can get a bad reputation because many people assume signing a prenup means you are preparing for divorce in the future. However, this is NOT necessarily the case! There are many reasons (other than divorce) that future spouses may want...... Read more

Welcome to McGrath & Spielberger

McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC was founded by enterprising attorneys whose goal is to always provide high quality yet affordable legal representation to citizens and businesses in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Together, the attorneys of McGrath & Spielberger have decades of legal experience to draw upon when providing legal representation to their clients.

The attorneys at McGrath & Spielberger can also promise dedication to the Firm’s clients, whether it be while protecting the rights of consumers, assisting small business owners, analyzing contracts, negotiating a mortgage loan modification or foreclosure matter, providing debt negotiation services, appealing a property tax assessment, writing a will, or otherwise providing the legal expertise so needed in today’s complicated world.



Jason was very knowledgeable about the foreclosure process and told me all my options and some that I didn’t know about. I would highly recommend this firm for anyone.

Greg Harris

I had a excellent experience with Jason McGrath. I would recommend him to a friend or family member because of his ability to answer my questions.

Robert Blanchette

Lee is very knowledgeable. He provided concise answers to my questions and sound advice.

William Hartigan

Rated consultation with Attorney Jason McGrath as Excellent

Gary Schramer

The staff were all professional and knowledgeable. Price was good and overall my experience was great. Would recommend them to anyone.

Cristian Olmos

Jason is not only a fantastic attorney, but a great person. I have used Jason for many years and Jason and his staff have worked hard at working out a deal with my financial institution. I would recommend Jason and his team to represent you.


Rated consultation with Attorney Kelly Brown as Excellent.

Tonya Burgess

Attorney Kelly Brown was very helpful and went above and beyond with follow up and ensuring she had details prior to our consultation.


We recently worked with attorney Kelly Brown on a loan closing and found her to be very personable and professional. The transaction was highly organized and the follow up documents were bound and organized. This was first class Professional Legal service exceeding my expectations. Nice to work with people that enjoy their work, care about the quality of the product and service and care about their clients.

Clay Elder

I appreciated the clarity in discussing my circumstances and advice given. Mr. McGrath took the time to listen and ask questions to insure understanding.


Lawsuit brought against well-known deck building company in Charlotte, NC. Lee was able to negotiate a substantial settlement.

Jennifer Fisher

Kelly Brown and McGrath & Spielberger helped us though a difficult situation. Though time was not on our side in the situation, Kelly and her team absolutely did not let that affect their performance in getting us closed. I had three attorneys tell us it could not be done. Well, Kelly did it!

DS Barron

Came to our rescue on short notice. I believe we have found our “go to” real estate Attorney!

Joseph Carter

McGrath & Spielberger are a class A operation. They are easy to work with and their rates are fair. I have used their services a number of occasions and I am always pleased with timely responses to both personal and business matters. Highly recommend their firm.


I sensed that Mr McGrath actually cared about my situation which ultimately led us to deciding to use the firm to represent us.


Worked with Kelly Brown. Very thorough and overall positive experience. Just recommended to friends and thought I’d leave a review.

Jen F.

I needed Jasons Help with a business licensing agreement and a merchandising agreement I was asked to sign. I am so glad I asked him to look at them because he found several things that needed to be changed in my favor and the best interest of both parties. If I didn’t have Jasons help, I could have signed these agreements that would have been a big problem if I ever needed to dispute something court with the agreements. Jason was great at explaining to me, and the other parties involved what and why the changes are necessary.