Attorney Jason McGrath shares some items to consider when your contract has an arbitration provision but the other party has already filed a formal lawsuit in the court system in this short video.

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Here are some of the key points contained in the video:

What do you do if the other party has already filed a formal lawsuit in the court system?

  1. You go to the other side and point out that there is an arbitration clause in the contract and demand it be honored.
  2. If the other side refuses to halt the lawsuit and go to arbitration, you file a motion asking the court to dismiss or stay the lawsuit and order arbitration.
  3. This type of a motion needs to be filed before the case goes to far in the formal court system.
  4. If the court believes the arbitration clause to be valid, it will typically order arbitration and halt the lawsuit in the meantime.
  5. More often than not, arbitration clauses are enforced by courts.

You should get advice from an attorney to assist in handling litigation issues like arbitration.

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