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McGrath and Spielberger, PLLC will be adding another experienced attorney to our Charlotte headquarters (located adjacent to the SouthPark Mall). The Firm will provide some case work, but the attorney will need to bring business in (with Firm's support). The use of this online form is an example of the Firm's dedication to the use of technology to better provide an efficient and consistent experience for those it does business with. Below we list the mandatory qualities the applicant must have, and then we follow with preferred items. Please apply if you possess these and are interested; please contact Firm Administrator Amy Snyder with any questions ( / 704.271.5000). Thank you.

Applicants should meet all of these mandatory requirements.

1) Exhibit the highest ethical standards and have been licensed in good standing and practicing in NC for at least three (3) years.

2) Self-motivated and independent but pleasant to work with and able to work well with a team. 

3) Reliable and attentive to detail. 

4) Comfortable with the daily use of modern technology in a legal setting and willingness to incorporate technology as required. 

5) Experience with real property and/or business law matters. 

6) Litigation experience and willingness to litigate 

7) Comfortable with non-traditional models of providing legal services.

Applicants who meet some or all of these items may have an increased chance at being offered the position

a) Also licensed in SC or TN or willing to become licensed in one of those states (which for TN might be by exam or might be by non-exam / comity application; SC requires exam for all applicants). 

b) Active in the community, legal community, and in networking efforts and continuation of such activities after being hired.

c) Experience in various areas of law and the ability and willingness to practice in multiple key practice areas. 

Have you been practicing law for at least 3 years?*
Unfortunately, we are not able to consider candidates who have been practicing for less than 3 years.
Please select each type of case you have *significant* experience working on.*
These would be cases you could generally serve as lead counsel on with little to no assistance from another lawyer.
Please select each type of case you have some, but not a lot, experience working on.*
These would be case types that due to your past experience, you'd be comfortable working on, but with oversight and guidance.
Which of these areas of law do you want to be your primary areas of practice going forward? (choose no more than 4)*
Different attorneys have different experiences and different expectations over division of labor, etc.
Please be sure to include whether you believe any such experiences are relevant to your work as an attorney, and why/how.
The answer will not be an automatic advantage or disadvantage.
I prefer to concentrate on one or two areas of law.*
It's important to me to have control over my own cases and career development.*
I am comfortable taking on new types of cases and figuring them out.*
I would want or need significant mentoring from a more experienced attorney. *
About law firm clients (may choose more than one)*
A set, exact salary/monthly payment amount is a must for me.*
About co-workers, office mates, and office environment (may choose more than one):*
I look forward to and enjoy networking opportunities to help grow my practice.*
I enjoy engaging in the following in a given work week (choose all that apply). *
Other people generally consider me to be both outgoing and good at meeting new people.*
I am definitely willing and able to adjust to and follow the procedures your Firm uses. *
I view myself as a leader.*
I view myself as independent.*
Taking extra time on a task in order to be detail-oriented is very important.*
How much work, by percentage, of a "full case load" would you be bringing in to the Firm (for you to work on)?*
Approximate date of availability if offered a position:*
Please know that we will NOT contact any of them until we first speak to you about doing so.
Have you had any bar / ethics complaints, or been sued for professional malpractice?*
Please understand that you are NOT automatically disqualified by answering "Yes" - we consider the circumstances.
Are you involved in any litigation or other legal disputes as an individual or as a business entity owner, partner, or manager?*
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This should include addressing any of the items / qualities we list in the introductory paragraph at the top of this page which have not already been addressed.

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