Foreclosure Hearing Private Lender Cabarrus County North Carolina

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The following is a summary of a foreclosure hearing in Cabarrus County, North Carolina that McGrath & Spielberger assisted a borrower with, and is provided for informational purposes only. Each case, each client, each situation is different, and each matter may have a different outcome.

Mortgage Loan Servicer / Foreclosing Bank: Private lender

Prosecuting Trustee / Law Firm: Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. and Hutchens Law Firm

Property Location: Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Property Type: Primary residence

Borrower’s Attorney: Jason A. McGrath, Esq.

Hearing Date: March 2016

Actions Taken by McGrath & Spielberger on Behalf of Client in Relation to the Foreclosure Hearing: Mr. McGrath attended the foreclosure hearing with the client and argued a Motion to Continue to the court in order to help client avoid foreclosure.

Foreclosure Hearing Outcome: Mr. McGrath successfully moved to continue the hearing; foreclosure avoided.