Marnie Naylor

Dealing with a foreclosure is a very scary thing. I was about to lose my home of 17 years to a mortgage company, that did not follow the laws. The mortgage company lied to me flat out. I tried to deal with them on my own but could not get anywhere with them. After trying to talk to both the Mortgage company and their Lawyer I finally gave up and started to research online information. I saw nothing can be done to stop a foreclosure once it has started. When I finally obtained legal council my house had actually already been sold at the court house. I thought I would never get my home back. I was making arrangements for my 3 kids and myself to start moving. The mortgage company held off answering my calls or returning my calls to be able to obtain ownership of my almost paid off home. I am telling you all this so you understand just how bad it was. My house was foreclosed and sold before Kelly Brown came into the picture. It took 3 months and a lot of years on my part, but my home is now my home again! Even though the Mortgage company had bought my house back at the foreclosure sale ( I knew nothing about and was never advertised) Kelly Brown fought and reversed everything. This law firm comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me. KELLY BROWN comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me.