Danny Smith

Thank you so much for your help with our situation with the Internal Revenue Service. I had prepared and paid my taxes correctly each year, but the tax service I used for 4 years did not file them properly. Instead of penalizing my tax service, the IRS penalized me, even though I filed and paid my taxes every year. Originally, I considered hiring a Tax Resolution Service to represent me. But, after reading reviews for those companies, it appeared to me that many of their clients were simply trying to reduce their tax debt. In my case, I had done everything right, and I did not want to be labeled or looked at as someone who was just wanting to have their taxes reduced. I wanted the fines eliminated!!! At first, I tried to explain my situation on my own to the IRS. They denied my request the first time to eliminate my fines, as they said that even though I used a tax service to prepare my taxes, the results were still my responsibility. Finally, I hired this law firm to represent me in an appeal. I have no idea how you explained the situation better than I did, but I just received letters from the Internal Revenue Service stating that my account for those years was settled and paid in full. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! I was facing around $15,000.00 in fines, and those fines were settled with the work you did representing me. I hope many people read my review and see what you could possibly do for them Sincerely: Danny Smith Statesville, NC

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