Arbitration Fees – How Much do Arbitrators Cost?

Business law Attorney Jason McGrath shares some information about how much you should expect to pay in fees to an Arbitrator in this short video. Here are some of the key points contained in this informational video: Arbitrators typically charge fees similar to what lawyers charge. Does the Arbitrator require a minimum amount when the arbitration… Read more »

Interrogatories – How They Generally Work

Attorney Jason McGrath explains “Interrogatories” during litigation and how they generally work in a lawsuit in this short video. Here are some of the key points contained in the video: Interrogatories are a list of written questions. The receiving party is to respond, typically within 30 days, to the questions or file an objection or… Read more »

Requests for Admissions In a Lawsuit

Litigation Attorney Jason McGrath explains Requests for Admissions in a lawsuit under the rules of civil procedure in this short video. If you are dealing with a lawsuit in North Carolina please fill out our confidential client intake form for legal assistance. McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC provides legal services in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio,… Read more »

Responding to a Lawsuit Complaint

Based on his 19 years as a trial lawyer, Attorney Jason McGrath provides some fundamental and important information with regard to responding to a lawsuit after a defendant has been served with a summons and complaint by a plaintiff. His comments are more specific to North Carolina lawsuits, but have a general application nationwide. If… Read more »