Your Opinions Regarding WF & BOA Waiving More Than $10 Million in Debt for City of Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame Loans

Your Opinions Regarding WF & BOA Waiving More Than $10 Million in Debt for City of Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame Loans? McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC provides legal services in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The firm offers full scale representation, as well as limited scope services, as appropriate for the situation.… Read more »

Wells Fargo Foreclosures – the Grinch Methodology

Foreclosures: Does Wells Fargo use ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ as its Foreclosure Manual? Attorney Jason McGrath describes how, due to its improper foreclosure, loss mitigation / mortgage relief, and loan servicing practices, Wells Fargo is a lot like the Grinch who stole Christmas. WF could do much better if it cared to, but instead… Read more »

Your Business Law Dispute & the College Football Playoffs – Who Controls Your Destiny

Your Business Law Dispute and the College Football Playoffs – Who Controls Your Destiny? In this video, business law attorney Jason McGrath discusses what the college football playoffs and your legal case have in common, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of a lawsuit versus a negotiated settlement. Whether it’s a business law dispute or… Read more »

Mortgage Loan Servicers – Illegal Delays and Denials of Modification and Loss Mitigation

Mortgage Loan Servicers –  Illegal Delays & Denials of Modification & Loss Mitigation Large mortgage loan servicers often illegally delay & deny modification & other loss mitigation / mortgage relief attempts. In this video, attorney Jason McGrath discusses some of these issues. We hope that you find this video helpful. While we do assist clients… Read more »

National Estate Planning Awareness Week

It is National Estate Planning Awareness Week and the American Bar Association is helping to raise awareness of the need for estate planning with a FREE webinar for the non-lawyer public called Estate Planning: How to Get Going and Why Not to Do It Yourself. It will be on Thursday, October 23, at 1:00 p.m.… Read more »

Social Security Disability: The Two Types of Programs Available

“Social Security Disability” is used generally by people to refer to programs in place at the federal level that allow you to receive benefits to support yourself when you are suffering from a disability and are unable to obtain gainful employment due to that disability. In reality, there are two distinct programs run by the… Read more »

Attorney Jason McGrath reappointed to the City of Charlotte Civil Service Board

Attorney Jason McGrath of McGrath & Spielberger, who serves as the Chair of the City of Charlotte Civil Service Board, was recently reappointed to the Board for another three year term. The Board has certain quasi-judicial authority over Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept and Charlotte Fire Dept. Mr. McGrath’s legal practice focuses on business law matters (including… Read more »

Are Negative Reviews Really Bad for Business?

Can an unfavorable review impact your business? If properly handled, negative reviews can provide a business with an opportunity to actually boost its reputation. With the surge of digital media and the growing use of social media, it has become extremely easy for both businesses and consumers to reach a captive worldwide audience at little… Read more »

RCS Fails to Respond to NCCOB

Residential Credit Solutions Fails to Respond to North Carolina Commissioner of Banks As an attorney who represents many homeowners facing foreclosure, part of my job entails helping clients obtain a loan modification while at the same time finding ways to prevent the lenders from successfully completing a foreclosure sale. Of course there are rules and federal… Read more »

Why Does it Matter Where I Die? Your State and Estate Taxes

Why Does it Matter Where I Die? Your State and Estate Taxes I just read an interesting article in Forbes that came out last week titled “Where Not To Die In 2015“. There, the author talks about the changing landscape of inheritance and estate taxes across all of the individual states. She quotes an estate… Read more »