Your New LLC – Part 1: The Basics

“Your New LLC” – Part 1: The Basics As an attorney who helps businesses of all sorts, and being with a Firm which has business law clients throughout South Carolina and North Carolina (as well as in a few other states), I frequently find myself providing consultations and ongoing advice regarding forming a new business… Read more »

Kelly Brown Earns LL.M. in Tax Law

McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC is happy to announce that attorney Kelly J. Brown has earned her LL.M in Tax Law.   Attorney Kelly J. Brown has earned her LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Taxation from Boston University School of Law. Kelly is licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Her practice focuses on real… Read more »

In the Land of Ambiguity, a Sound Contract Reigns Supreme

In the Land of Ambiguity, a Sound Contract Reigns Supreme Negotiating a transaction always ends smoothly.  Issues never arise.  And, you are still dreaming! In truth, transactions frequently experience hiccups.  Differences in opinion usually arise.  A savvy negotiator knows to expect conflict, whether negotiating the purchase of a car, installing bathroom tile, or starting a… Read more »

Starting a Business – the Legal Considerations

Starting a Business and the MANY Legal Considerations Starting a business can be a surreal experience. It is the physical embodiment of considerable planning, anticipation, and expectation. Some business startups fail, but many succeed -as every great company experienced an inception. A savvy businessperson understands the value of employing legal guidance from the initial stages… Read more »

Killing Deals – The Top 3 Things Investors do to Kill Their Deals, as Seen by an Attorney

The Top 3 Things Investors do to Kill Their Deals, as Seen by an Attorney As a real estate attorney and investor, I frequent many transactions… successful and unsuccessful.  The failures I observe commonly result from the same factors- the “Big 3 Deal Killers!” 1) The “PARTNERSHIP”:  Investing with another party? You may unknowingly form… Read more »

Arbitration versus Mediation

Although arbitration and mediation can both resolve lawsuits, they are quite different and it is important for parties to lawsuits to understand how each procedure works. In this video, Attorney Jason McGrath – who has been a trial lawyer for 19 years and has been involved in mediations and arbitrations – explains the difference between… Read more »

Potential Turmoil for Franchise Systems

Potential turmoil for Franchise systems after recent NLRB decision The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken significant measures to erode the long-standing “joint employer” test used in the labor context.  According to the traditional test, “joint employers” are found only when one employer actually exercises sufficient direct control over another’s employees.  A common example of… Read more »

“Emotional Support Animals” and Landlord Rights

“Emotional Support Animals” & Landlord Rights Much has been written about tenant’s rights in the allowance of emotional support animals.  Animals frequently provide much needed benefit to individuals with emotional disabilities.  The companionship offered by a pet can alleviate or diminish symptoms.  The benefits of an animal friend are great and well understood. Animal rights… Read more »

Attorney Craig M. Morgan Joins McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC

McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC is happy to announce that attorney Craig M. Morgan has joined the Firm. Click here to schedule a consultation with Craig Morgan Craig M. Morgan is licensed to practice law in North Carolina. He focuses his practice on business and franchise law, real estate matters, and estates, but also handles a… Read more »

PHH Mortgage Fraud

Because Attorney Jason McGrath and this law firm handle foreclosure and mortgage dispute cases on a daily basis, we are well familiar with some of the crazy circumstances which one may encounter when dealing with the big banks and large loan servicers. In this video, Mr. McGrath discusses how the federal government’s lawsuit against PHH… Read more »